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Review our FAQ items below.

Our website are templates, with a fixed layout. Within those fixed layouts we do offer more detailed display and configuration options, but essentially what you see is what you get. We do not offer custom work currently.

If you do have a suggestion that would help improve your site we are happy to discuss adding the improvement to our roadmap of enhancements. Often the more we hear suggestions, the more likely it is that this improvement will be implemented.

At first we issue you with a staging website. Once fully configured, and content loaded, we simply copy the site to a live instance. All of the links will be updated.

What you’ll need to have is administration access to your domain name settings. For example if you registered your domain name with ‘Crazy Domains’ – you’ll need your Crazy Domains account credentials to log in and apply the DNS settings that we supply you with. In most instances this requires you to simply create an ‘A Record’ type DNS entry, that points to an IP Addess that we will provide.

Security certificates will be applied automatically by our hosting service.

Simply go to https://stackcommerce.au/product-category/websites/ and sign up for either a website or the add ons of your choosing.


You’ll see that https://stackcommerce.au/product-category/websites/  is an example of this. While you are there, sign up to the Shop – Add On, and we will get in touch to assist you with any set up required.

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